DE-858603 Postcard from Germany

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This is a beautiful postcard of Heidelberg, Germany, a city I was most fortunate to visit when I was living in Germany. Thank you Ariane for this!

RU-345367 Postcard from Russia

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Believe it or not, this postcard came from Russia! It was sent from a Postcrossing member, Irina, whose husband went diving there last year. I love this postcard very much – it is unusual, and reminds me of my holiday to Egypt many years ago!

Swap-Bot Swap: Postcard from USA

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I recently joined Swap-Bot, an online service that organizes group swaps and a community of creative individuals. I entered into a postcard swap where I sent a postcard to an individual somewhere around the world, and received one back from someone somewhere else in the world. Here is the postcad I received, (how did they know I like maps?!) and I couldn’t be happier!

FI-1039555: Postcard from Finland

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I received this beatiful postcard from a Postcrossing member called Esa, showing the city of Vaasa in Finland. An interesting fact about Postcrossing – Finland is the country with the most Postcrossing members!

Here are some interesting facts about Vaasa:

The town of Vaasa was founded in 1606 by Charles IX around the oldest harbour and trading point in Ostrobothnia.
In 1852, Vaasa was burnt to the ground, and in 1862 the new Vaasa was built on the Klemetsö headland, 7 km form the old town.
Vaasa was the capital of Finland from the 29th of January to the 3rd of May 1918
Vaasa is the sunniest city in Finland with 1900 sunny hours a year.
There are 7 beaches within 3 kilometers of the market place.
Every third person walking towards you is a schoolchild or a student.
Finland’s newest museum of modern art, Kuntsi, is located in Vaasa.
The Archipelago around Vaasa is the only nature world heritage in Finland.

Private Swap: Postcard from Russia

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This is my first postcard of the year from my Russian pen-pal Elvira. Thanks for this great art postcard Elvira! I love the image very much, as I love all things nautical, and love art too.

The artist, Nikolay Roerich, painted this painting ‘Visitors from Overseas’ around 1901. I think it is really lovely. Here is some information on the artist:

Private Swap: Postcard from Indonesia

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This great postcard from Indonesia is from my pen-pal Susy, from Indonesia. She sent me this one showing a cow cart – carrying a heavy load of items as part of their day’s work. Poor cows! The stamps are so colourful too!

GR-16564 Postcard from Greece

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This is one of the best postcards I have received, one, because it is beautiful, two, because it is a map postcard, and three, because I have been there! Greece is such a spectacular country with so many beautiful areas. I have been fortunate to visit Crete, and Santorini Island, and just loved it so much.

I wanted to share the stamp images with you as well – they are quite interesting!

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